City Library Writing


This is where the words live. Thousands
Of them, huddled between covers,
Whispering to me as I pass.

I hear them thrum, buzzing and humming
As they teem between the pages. Lifting a book
I feel it quivering with life.

The library is the hive and words are bees.
Each book has become a cell filled with honey.
Careful though – watch for the sting.

Viewing Gallery at City Library: In Rain

Above the city, here we sit and wait
Among the clouds, surrounded by the sky.
The rain runs down the windows, silver straight
Past birds and flowers, printed on the high
Glass elevation. Public art designed
To make a splash of colour, or to give
Some food for thought; each image there is lined
With words, describing what it is to live
In Newcastle at present, what we fear
Or love, or hope for, what we wish to change.
Inside our glass box, we are still. Severe
Old men glare down on misty streets made strange
By clouds of spray. When we’re up here, we seem
Set quite apart. The streets remote, a dream.


Lindsay Reid is studying for a Creative Writing PhD in poetry at Newcastle University. She has won several poetry competitions, and has had her work published in various poetry journals including The Cadaverine, Magma and Mslexia. Her poetry has been influenced by her experience of Ankylosing Spondylitis (an inflammatory arthritis) and adjusting to life with a chronic illness. Lindsay is also a qualified social worker and is currently researching the benefits of using poetry in therapeutic writing. She works part-time for a charity in Gateshead, and runs regular creative writing workshops for a charity in Newcastle.